Public Program

2021 - Virtual Worlds

Build your own world in 3D using Unreal Engine.

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2021 - Virtual Worlds


1 day


Bendigo Tech School


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Learning Program Overview

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1 day program

Build your own world in 3D using Unreal Engine.


Learning Program Overview

Working in pairs, students research the historical development of VR and the technological innovations that have brought us to where we are today. They then look into the future and design a virtual world for a potential industrial VR use case using Unreal Engine (software). Design Thinking is leveraged in the student pairs’ VR production process and their product will ultimately be demonstrated to the class using VR hardware. Student work will be made accessible to teachers offsite after leaving the Tech School, so students can build on their projects back at school.


Success Criteria

•             Produce a virtual world in Unreal Engine that uses their future VR use case as the project mandate.

•             Demonstrate understanding of the concept of human-centred design through the application of Design



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