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2021 - Entrepreneurship

A crash course for enhancing student creativity and agency.

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2021 - Entrepreneurship


1 day


Bendigo Tech School


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Learning Program Overview

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1 day program

A crash course for enhancing student creativity and agency.


Learning Program Overview

Students will explore different ways for achieving personal betterment, learn some entrepreneurial savvy, and practice ways to enhance their own creativity and that of those around them. This program pushes students to collaborate using critical and creative thinking to overcome a poignant challenge. This shared experience is leveraged as they unpack reflection and metacognitive techniques. The fast-paced program uses aspects of Design Thinking within a social constructivist format.

Topics covered in this program include but are not limited to: entrepreneurship of self in a wary employment marketplace, how to pick yourself back up after failure, understanding what motivates people, and learning how to teach yourself.

Success Criteria

•             Arrive at the Tech School ready to learn.

•             Leave with greater confidence to succeed in the working world.

•             Demonstrate solid understanding of at least one technique or theory covered throughout the program.




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