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2021 - AR Tourism

Create Augmented Reality (AR) solutions that enhance local Bendigo businesses and tourist attractions.

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2021 - AR Tourism


2 days


Bendigo Tech School


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Learning Program Overview

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2 day program

Create Augmented Reality (AR) solutions that enhance local Bendigo businesses and tourist attractions.


Learning Program Overview
In 2020, UNESCO bestowed upon Bendigo the title of Creative City of Gastronomy. Working in groups, students use Design Thinking and media equipment to create an augmented reality (AR) experience to help local gastronomy businesses in the economic fallout of COVID19.


This two-day program begins with each group choosing which client they wish to work with. Students then work to devise a solution to the specific challenge they perceive their client as having. In order to do this, students must: 1. Empathise – to enable deeper understanding of their users, 2. Ideate – research, analyse and decide on which aspects are important to include in their client’s AR solution, 3. Prototype – decide on and mock-up the layout of the AR experience based on the intended audience. Each group will then pitch their gastronomy business solution to a small panel, with feedback and questions to follow.


Student groups have the potential to be selected to further refine their ideas and be put in contact with the actual tourism client, here in Bendigo. Students may even see their AR solution become a reality in their local community!


Success Criteria

•             Original idea produced for the group’s client leveraging AR capabilities.

•             Client requirements clearly considered by group in designing their solution, and decisions made during the process are able to be justified accordingly.

•             Design Thinking Process understood and employed to create simple and elegant solution.

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