Tech Futures Talk: The Next-Generation Fluorescence Microscope

Tech Futures: The Next-Generation Fluorescence Microscopes, with Dr Donna Whelan. Dr Whelan is a Biophysicist and Bruce Stone Fellow in Chemical Biology based in Bendigo as a part of the La Trobe Institute for Molecular Science.

Dr Whelan is the builder extraordinaire of a new, next-generation single molecule microscope which is 1000 times more powerful than a regular fluorescence microscope. Whilst the microscope took months to build it allows researchers to zoom in on cells with much greater clarity and power than they usually would be able to and will assist in exploring DNA damaging diseases and repair pathways. Other collaborations that Dr Whelan is involved in include research into the underlying mechanisms of host-virus interactions, neurodegeneration and proteolysis.

Donna joined Kaysee and Jemily remotely to discuss her journey to biophysics innovation, mentors that inspire her, and her passions outside of science.  

Join us on YouTube to watch this exciting presentation, presented by Dr. Donna Whelan.

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