Future of Making and Innovation in Bendigo

Bendigo Tech School was excited to host Holger Dielenberg, Founder and Director of Melbourne’s Space Tank Studio on Wednesday 5 September.

Holger spoke about the value of maker spaces as part of the 2018 Bendigo Invention and Innovation Festival. He started Space Tank Studio because he saw a gap in the market for start-ups wanting to produce a physical product.

“When you’re developing an actual physical product, there’s a whole lot more considerations [sic] that you need to take on board,” Holger said. “Very quickly your business growth pathway gets incredibly complex.”

Following Holger’s insightful presentation, the Bendigo Tech School held a consultation for a community maker space. We asked, “What would be the essential elements in a Bendigo maker space?”.

“Bendigo Tech School is exploring the possibility of establishing a maker space to be used by all sectors of our community”, says Graeme Wiggins, Director of Bendigo Tech School. “We are interested in activating Bendigo’s many makers and entrepreneurs through access to high-tech equipment and future creative industries learning opportunities.”

Approximately 40 people from a range of different industries and backgrounds attended the events, showing a need for maker spaces all around Australia, and that the local community is keen to collaborate to create one for Bendigo.

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