CSIRO + Tech Schools Bees with Backpacks Design Challenge 2022

Did you know that honeybees maintain biodiversity across the world, providing pollination for about 75% of the fruits, vegetables and nuts we eat and one-third of all food? However, bee populations have declined dramatically over the past five decades.

Secondary schools around Victoria are invited to participate in the CSIRO + Tech Schools Bees with Backpacks Design Challenge 2022. Through this challenge, students will study food security, bees and bee behaviour to design a local habitat to increase bee activity.

Gather your team, create the ultimate bee friendly habitat, pitch your idea to make it happen, and win great tech prizes for your school!

Schools in Central Victoria who are interested in learning more about the design challenge should contact [email protected].

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2021 Immersion Workshop.

2020 Tech Futures: Future of Food - Bees, Technology + Innovation.

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