Connecting to Country VR project with La Trobe International

La Trobe University Coordinator of Student Partnerships and Engagement, Jon Catanzariti, recently worked with us to create a virtual “Welcome to Country” for commencing offshore international students. Read on to hear from Jon about the project!

“I have been extremely lucky to work with the team at the Bendigo Tech School.

Being given the challenge of creating a virtual “Welcome” for commencing offshore international students, I decided immediately that I wanted to do it using a more immersive and dynamic medium reflecting modern Indigenous Australian culture. Having used VR before, I felt this was the avenue that would best serve this purpose. After much discussion, I was able to gather support from local artist Troy Firebrace. Troy brings the sincerity, emotion, knowledge and importantly, the artistic inspiration to the project. 

Lacking the necessary resources though, I enquired and researched how it would be possible to accomplish my goal. I didn’t know much about the Bendigo Tech School at the time, and they definitely did not know me. However, straight away they saw merit in my goal and jumped at the opportunity to collaborate. The technical and practical resources that they have brought to the project, have made it so much bigger and more immersive than I could have ever hoped for. As they had worked with Troy on the Djaara Lights AR project, we were able to move from concept to plan, to production easily with Troy’s vision, Cameron Shand’s technical know-how and Head of Programs, Ember Chittenden’s ‘can do’ approach to everything.

Having meetings in the stylish and modern Tech School has also been fantastic. Located on the Bendigo Campus under the stewardship of Graeme Wiggins, the large working areas and modern displays give the school a ‘Silicon Valley’ feel. This environment provides the perfect space for the sharing of ideas and collaboration.

Our project ‘Connecting to Country’, is entering the final month of production. I am excited to present this collaboration, and hope to work again with the Tech School on something new soon.”

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