Brick Laying Robot

Brick Laying Robot

It’s no secret at the Bendigo Tech School we love our robots. One of our key focus areas is construction, and there is an Australian company making leaps and abounds towards building with robots. Meet HadrianX.

The team at Fast Brick Robotics went viral with their first prototype a few years ago. That machine was based on an excavator and was a yellow brick laying monster. Their new robot is based on a truck, so it can drive itself to a building site, which it’s now done for the first time.

Fast Brick Robotics have built their first house in the real world. Undertaking the build with wind, heat and all the elements that make construction in Australia a challenge.

It hasn’t been a totally smooth process and to quote one of the Engineers “It makes noises, some are familiar noises, some are unfamiliar, and that’s when the engineers stand to attention.”

It's clear they love their robot and are pushing their innovation to its limits to see what breaks and where it went wrong.

Just like we do at the Bendigo Tech School, this company is using the design process to make the world a better place.


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