Bendigo Tech School Ambassadors - 2019 Report

Over the last nine months, students from partner schools have been attending fortnightly meetings to upskill in all things leadership and STEAM education.

At the March Student Ambassador Bootcamp, students were asked 'what they would like to do' and 'what they would like to get out of the program'. As a group, they came up with three essential foci: Community, Self/Social Media & Industry. 

To create 'Community', the students wanted to spread the message about what happens at the Bendigo Tech School. Organising and leading the Tech School Community Open Day in May students hosted hourly tours and tech demonstrations. Students were upskilled in Tech School technology and given the confidence to lead tours, speak in front of an audience.  

Our second focus developed the students as leaders and built their skills using Social Media for the Tech School.  Students developed 'soft skills' that included; teamwork and collaboration, problem-solving skills, communication skills and adaptability to situations. 

The ambassadors created videos about Tech School programming to be used on Social Media. The videos helped partner schools and the wider public have a better understanding of what goes on at the Bendigo Tech School.  

Our last focus was on Industry. Collaboration with Industry at the Tech School plays an essential role in shaping student programs. The ambassador's project involved creating a Tech School' 3-day program' based on an industry of their choice. They then had to pitch their program to Robbie Philpott, Head of Programs and Aimé Sacrez, PhD researcher, La Trobe.

Student Ambassador Deanna said "It has been worthwhile learning about the Tech School through a program designer's eyes. It has allowed us to have a better understanding of how the Tech School works with Bendigo's industry".  

The growth the Student Ambassadors have shown from the Bootcamp until now has been astronomical. The friendships that have grown through passions and interests has been wonderful to watch.  It's great to see a bunch of students come together to advocate for STEAM education and the Bendigo Tech School.  

Kaysee Gray

Bendigo Tech School Mentor


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