A Tech Trip to Elmore Field Days


Bendigo Tech School grows alongside Industries predicted to lead economic development in our region.


We regularly attend events like Elmore Field Days, to appreciate what is happening in agriculture and tech industries in Australia.


All our Tech School Programs are co-designed with industry and educators. Right now, we are working on an exciting AgTech 3 day program. Students will use the latest in the internet of things or IoT to explore and discover new solutions for our agricultural industry. 


Bendigo Tech School team Matt and Jemily had a great day at the Elmore Field Days, viewing hundreds of exhibitors showcase their products. Our team walked over 15km on the day to see every display! 


Jemily took a keen interest in how IoT solutions are helping the current water crisis and Matt took a keen interest in how SMART sprayers are being used to control weeds efficiently. Of course, checking out the GIANT tractors was a must for Matt!    


The Bendigo Tech School, AgTech IoT program, will be launching in 2020 and especially relevant for our community with the recent exciting announcement. Bendigo is now a UNESCO Creative City – a Creative City of Gastronomy. Bendigo Tech School will continue to co-design with industry, students and tech to contribute to all the exciting things happening in food, beverages, culture and sustainability. 

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