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Our innovative learning programming offers engaging experiences to enhance STEAM education.

While the Tech School is under construction, we are excited to be opening a temporary space to deliver Tech Tasters, our pilot program.

Students will use the latest tech to explore and discover new digital literacy skills in advanced manufacturing, IOT and robot coding.

Professional development in Design Thinking is also available to all teachers. Once completed, this PD session will enable you to register your students for Bendigo Tech School programs.

All our Tech Taster Programs are free and one day in duration. We provide your students with bus transportation to and from the pilot Tech School.

Contact us for more information and to register your students for the Tech Taster Programs.

Introduction to Design Thinking for Teachers

Master design thinking and co-operative project-based learning.

This half-day professional development program is required for all teachers before booking your students into our Tech Tasters Programs.

Download the Introduction to Design Thinking for Teachers program outline

Book for the program here using the password tech

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Virtual Work Experience with CSIRO

In Term 2 Bendigo students have the chance to take part in virtual work experience through our partnership with CSIRO.

Bendigo Tech School will host two groups of students who are interested in advanced manufacturing careers.

Students will work on projects linked to real-world CSIRO research and industry challenges over the 5-day program and will have access to Bendigo Tech School’s state of the art prototyping equipment.

A remote supervisor will provide mentoring and guidance to students, who meet face-to-face with support from Tech School staff. This is a fantastic opportunity to participate in a new national initiative managed by Australia’s national science agency.

Contact us to express your interest in this exciting opportunity

Download the program outline

Girls in STEAM - Electric Car Project

Bendigo Tech School plans to establish an aspirational Girls in STEAM project in partnership with start-up transport platform Jaunt.

Jaunt up-cycles iconic four-wheel-drives for adventure as part of a community built electric car rental network. This exciting and visionary community enterprise will deliver an electric recreational vehicle for the use of Bendigo residents and visitors.

Meet Dave Budge, Co-founder of Jaunt on Friday 12 April at 9am. Dave will give a presentation on the Jaunt project and explain how the community can be involved.

Register your interest here.

Download the Jaunt flyer

Special Program: NGV + BTS

Go behind the scenes at the NGV, learn about some amazing artists and create your own, original works of art in conjunction with the National Gallery of Victoria's Escher X nendo | Between Two Worlds

Download the program outline

Agriculture - Tech Tilling our Futures

Help a real person in Bendigo’s agricultural industry with an innovative tech solution!

Students will use the Design Thinking process to creatively solve a problem using robot or drone technology, in response to a local person working in Bendigo’s agricultural industry.

Download the program outline

Healthcare - Future Wellbeing

Imagine the health service of the future and connect Bendigo’s residents with advanced and personalised medical care.

Looking into Bendigo’s future, students will imagine healthcare services that are equitable and accessibility, and which leverage technological innovation.

Download the program outline

Housing - A Vision for Growth

Focus on the future of houses in Bendigo by addressing materials, construction systems, and more

Students investigate the core issues relating to housing affordability. They will develop “persona profiles” to aid in their empathy and understanding of how housing affordability affects real people.

Download the program outline

Tourism - A Digital Living Showcase

Design a better experience for Bendigo’s visitors and local explorers with augmented reality!

Students will use the Design Thinking Process to create a scalable augmented reality (AR) framework which helps tourists to discover parts of Bendigo. This three-day program begins with a design brief from the client.

Download the program outline

Introduction to Advanced Manufacturing

Create your own hi-tech building material and increase energy efficiency!

Download the program outline

Introduction to Programming

Design a robot and tell it what to do with block-code!

Download the program outline

Introduction to the IOT and GIS

Assess a public space and decide how best to make it better!

Download the program outline

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