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Tech School’s innovative learning programs focus on using design thinking methodology, allowing students to work on real world problems, supported by local industry and enterprise and integrated with their school curriculum.

Bendigo Tech School’s programs are aligned to industries predicted to experience strong economic and employment growth; medical technology and pharmaceuticals, new energy technologies, advanced manufacturing, food and fibre, professional services, transport, defence and construction technologies.

Medical Technology and Pharmaceuticals

Australia is one of the world’s leading locations for the development and manufacture of medical technologies, biotechnologies and pharmaceuticals.

New Energy Technologies

The energy sector is rapidly transforming as new technologies emerge including; new forms of renewable energy, innovations that make energy more efficient and more consumer control over their energy needs.

Advanced Manufacturing

Global manufacturing is changing, becoming a more expansive industry that connects services, design, digital technologies and manufacturing activity across global value chains.

Food and Fibre

Global population growth is driving demand for food and fibre products. Technological advances including robotics, new packaging materials, digital and wireless technologies, and biotechnology are dramatically changing this industry.

Transport, Defence and Construction Technologies

As technologies, practices, and markets evolve, new opportunities are emerging for these industries. Emerging technologies such as cyber and robotics are set to change the way the world delivers Defence.

Professional Services

Professional services are the largest and fastest growing sector in the Victorian Economy. It is a vital provider of knowledge-based services to all other sectors, enabling them to produce, sell and deliver an array of final products.

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